As independent data management experts, we focus on complex integration and data management issues. We offer customized advice based on best practices and frameworks. We can only do this by focusing on what we are good at. For the application of strategies and the delivery of innovative solutions, we work together with selected partners who are recognized market and technology leaders and who are each excellent in their respective fields.

cimt has been a Talend Professional Partner since 2009 with more than 70 completed Talend implementations and projects in the Netherlands and Germany.

Therefore, as an experienced integration partner and local value-added reseller of Talend in the Netherlands and Germany, cimt offers extensive expertise with the Talend solutions for Data Integration, Data Quality, Application Integration (ESB) and Big Data issues. Lees meer

With a team of over 80 certified architects, consultants and developers, we offer deep technology knowledge and experience for resilient and individually applied solutions. Thus, we work with you to maximize the value for your organization and can offer Talend Support for our customers ourselves.

Talend Cloud Expert Partner Nederland  Talend Platinum Partner Nederland

About Talend

Since its inception in 2006, Talend has now evolved into the leading global provider of Integration Software. Based on Open Source, Talend offers innovative and enterprise-grade solutions that enable your company to generate value faster. More than 1,700 companies worldwide now rely on Talend solutions.

Talend software provides a universal and open platform at a predictable cost. The platform is designed to shorten development processes, provide users with a fast learning curve, and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Talend has native support for modern Big Data platforms, reducing the complexity of integration projects.

Innovation Out of the Box

Talend Data Fabric provides a complete platform for making informed decisions based on high-quality data analysis. It is the only solution that allows customers to switch unlimitedly between real-time, streaming and batch processing of data that resides locally or in the cloud. Big Data thus becomes child’s play! Only Talend offers its users one integrated platform for all integration, data quality and Master Data Management (MDM) operations. In addition, the product portfolio includes self-service products for data preparation, data stewardship, and integrated data catalogs for data governance.

Comprehensive Integration Framework at a Low TCO

Talend’s Open Source licensing model is revolutionizing the market and represents a huge reduction in operational costs for an integration solution. Unlike other providers, Talend bases its pricing model on the number of developers, with no hidden per-connector fees or additional capacity-related costs. Customers pay only for what they need, making the up-front investment burden much lower. In this way, Talend not only realizes a cost advantage for its customers, but it is also easy to calculate the total cost exactly in advance. com/read]

Looker. After your business data has been brought together in a data warehouse, something still needs to be done with this data. Before this information can form the basis for policy-making and business operations, data must be transformed into information. This transformation of data into information is realized by applying analytics.

cimt chose Looker for the realization of analytics, because Looker is cloud- and web-based. As a result, dashboards can always be accessed from any PC and employees are not bound to a PC on which certain software is installed.  Lees meer

Anonos is the new state-of-the-art in data enablement and protection technology that maximises innovation for high-utility distributed data processing, sharing and combining. By using unique variant twin software applying pseudonimisation, Anonos embeds trust and privacy in data, enabling lawful analytics and data sharing with no utility loss.

For more than 20 years cimt has been working as a SAP consultancy partner and has been able to prove its extensive expertise in SAP integration, migration and data management within numerous international projects at leading companies such as Philips, Bose, adidas and Metro. As a recognized specialist in the field of SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) – a state-of-the-art solution for the management of master data – we support companies with their data driven transformation projects.  With SAP MDG, we offer domain-specific solutions for centrally creating, modifying and distributing master data or for consolidating master data across your entire business system landscape.

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Snowflake is a scalable pay-per-use cloud data warehousing system. Snowflake combines the power of data warehousing, the flexibility of big data platforms and the elasticity of the cloud at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Lees meer


Exasol is an innovative leader in in-memory analytics a cloud-first analytics databases. With unprecedented speed and flexibility, Exasol enables companies to analyze massive amounts of data. By seamlessly connecting with tools such as Talend for data integration and Looker or Tableau for visualization, Exasol also supports the demand for self-service data analytics.

Compared to competitors such as Teradata, Exasol offers an ideal solution for companies facing strong growth in data volumes and high demands for fast data softening – at a low TCO. Exasol gives you the ability to transform the way your organization works with data – and turn it into value faster, easier and more cost-effectively than ever before. cimt has been an Elite Partner of Exasol since 2015.

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Gamma Systems, Inc. is a provider of data management solutions to optimize and adjust development and management of data warehouse projects. As a strategic implementation partner of Gamma Studio, we are happy to give you more insight into the possibilities and benefits:

  • Acceleration of a data warehouse implementation or migration
  • Automation of labor-intensive activities
  • Supports the adoption of an agile approach for
  • DWH and BI projects
  • Reduced costs and accelerated time to market
  • Increased visibility into data lineage
  • Low TCO for management and maintenance of a data warehouse
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